Embark on new adventures

The Coco Game

3 activities for the price of one! Escape game, virtual reality and House of Fear

Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm (reservation required) & Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 10pm

escape game 1
Maison de la peur
Réalité virtuelle

The escape game

escape game based on a Guadeloupean story, thought and created by young locals.
You will form 2 teams of minimum 3 people and will have to be the fastest to detect the enigmas that will allow you to find the key to the exit to escape.
Maximum time: 1 hour

The house of fear

The "House of Fear" plunges you into a dark and terrifying universe. Mixed between obstacles and special effects, everything is planned to make you live strong sensations. Thrills guaranteed!

Virtual Reality

Innovative and fascinating, live the virtual differently. Embark on new adventures, with our 3 themes: halloween, skate street, and rafting. Another world as if you were there, sensations guaranteed!

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Impasse des Sapotilles
Route de Delair, Sainte-Anne
97180 Guadeloupe